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Star Anna – “Burn”
HockeyTalkter’s newest single is the second from Seattle favorite, Star Anna. Star’s first ‘unofficial’ single, “Keep On” is one of the most rare and hard to find releases from the label. “Burn/Alone in This Together” is also sure to be a coveted collectors item, not only because the songs are passionate and powerful, but because they come with creative and unique packaging as well.

“I’m so excited about the new Star Anna vinyl single, now out on HockeyTalkter Records! The dark beauty of the song “Burn” is excellent and goes great alongside the haunting “Alone in this Together”. I was fortunate to be part of these songs, which were produced by local legend Johnny Sangster at Crackle and Pop Studios in Seattle. Argentina based artist Mariano Arcamone designed an amazing ‘matchbook’ style package that is truly unique. Please enjoy!”

-Mike McCready