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All Things Fade Away

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Levee Walkers – All Things Fade Away
The Levee Walkers, a Seattle-based backing band consisting of Mike McCready (guitar), Barrett Martin (drums), and Duff McKagan (bass) have chosen rising Seattle star and native son Ayron Jones for the 3rd edition of their ongoing project. Ayron’s current album, “Audio Paint Job” was produced by Barrett, so he introduced Ayron to Mike and Duff to do two new songs with Levee Walkers. While the band focused on writing the music, Ayron wrote and sang the lyrics, a talent for which he is fast becoming recognized.

Duff was so impressed with Ayron’s talent that he invited him to open for Guns & Roses in September when they played in Washington State.

The new 2-song single (“All Things Fade Away”, “Madness”) was produced by Grammy nominated producer and drummer Barrett Martin and shows more of the soulful side of the band. Ayron’s heartfelt, smokey vocals are featured over the top of Barrett and Duff’s backbeat grooves, with Mike’s inspired guitar work playing along side Ayron’s superb vocals. The songs were mixed by Seattle legend Jack Endino and the single is being jointly released on November 3rd through Barrett Martin’s Sunyata Records and Mike McCready’s HockeyTalkter Records. The artwork was created by the renowned graphic artist Anthony Hassett, who passed away during the completion of the songs. All Things Fade Away, indeed.