MIKE McCREADY & HOCKEYTALKTER PRESENTS: The Young Evils, Star Anna & The Rockfords


HockeyTalkter Records and The Tractor Tavern are proud to announce a second night of HockeyTalkter Records, a record label founded by Pearl Jam guitarist and vinyl collector Mike McCready. The label plans to release a set of limited edition vinyl singles from friends and various side projects that he’s involved with. In the HockeyTalkter pipeline for 2015 are singles from Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers, Stereo Embers, and The Pink Slips, among others.

When asked about HockeyTalkter, McCready says, “the reason behind Hockytalkter is simple, I LOVE VINYL!! I love the smell, touch, and of course, the sound. I love the whole culture behind vinyl records and the countless record stores that I look for when I’m on tour. To paraphrase Penny Lane, ‘…you can go into any record store and visit your friends.'”

Once again, those in attendance will not only be able to hear some great new music, but they might also walk away with one of HockeyTalkter’s previously released (and hard to find!) limited singles. Every person through the door will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a copy of Mad Season, Star Anna, Brandi Carlile & other HockeyTalkter singles, all signed by McCready.

Seattle’s The Young Evils are excellent evidence that final products often look nothing like initial intentions. Started as a lighthearted Vaselines-inspired pop duo composed of record store co-workers Troy Nelson and Mackenzie Mercer, the Young Evils today bear only passing resemblance to their past selves. After enlisting guitarist Michael Lee and brothers Brendon (bass) and Scott Helgason’s (drums), The Young Evils now deliver 80’s inspired angular power pop.

Star Anna grew up in the country, played drums in a punk band in high school, heard an Elliott Smith recording, picked up a guitar and never looked back. Now a Pacific North West up and comer, Star Anna has released five albums, (three with the band The Laughing Dogs, two solo records) and is currently working on a sixth, set to come out before years end. She has also collaborated and played with Mike McCready on several occasions.

The Rockfords are a Seattle based rock band featuring Carrie Akre (Goodness, Hammerbox), Chris & Rick Friel, Danny Newcomb, and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready. The Rockfords last played together during a surprise set at the 2013 Flight to Mars benefit show after a nearly 10 year hiatus.

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