MIKE McCREADY & HOCKEYTALKTER PRESENT: Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers & Friends


HockeyTalkter Records and The Tractor Tavern are proud to announce the public debut of HockeyTalkter Records, a record label founded by Pearl Jam guitarist and vinyl collector Mike McCready. The label plans to release a set of limited edition vinyl singles from friends and various side projects that he’s involved with. In the HockeyTalkter pipeline for 2015 are singles from Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers, Stereo Embers, and The Pink Slips, among others.

When asked about HockeyTalkter, McCready says, “the reason behind Hockytalkter is simple, I LOVE VINYL!! I love the smell, touch, and of course, the sound. I love the whole culture behind vinyl records and the countless record stores that I look for when I’m on tour. To paraphrase Penny Lane, …you can go into any record store and visit your friends.”

Those in attendance will not only be able to hear some great new music, but they might also walk away with one of HockeyTalkter’s previously released (and hard to find!) limited singles. Every person through the door will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a copy of Mad Season, Star Anna, Brandi Carlile & other HockeyTalkter singles, all signed by McCready.

Danny Newcomb has been playing music since he was a pre-teen in McCready’s first ever band Warrior (later named Shadow). He is joined by Rick Friel (also from Warrior/Shadow) on bass, Eric Eagle on the drums and Annie O’Neill backup vocals. Strong songwriting and an undeniable force on the guitar make Danny’s debut solo release one of 2015’s highly anticipated local albums.

Stereo Embers features Seattle veterans Robb Benson (Dear John Letters, Dept of Energy) and Tim DiJulio (Lazy Susan, North Twin, Flight to Mars), who create guitar based power pop with distinct vocals and unbridled energy. Joined by bassist Ben Brunn and drummer Cassady Laton, Stereo Embers are sure to be playing bigger and bigger shows around Seattle.

The Pink Slips are not only newcomers to the scene, but their lead singer – who goes by the name GRAVE – isn’t even out of high school yet. But don’t be so fast to write them off. The Pink Slips’ sound is mature beyond their years and has been compared to rock veterans Blondie, No Doubt, and the Kills. The Pink Slips should be considered a band to watch in 2015.

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